Biogas stations


In our biogas stations the process of wet anaerobic mesophilic fermentation of organic material with stable biogas production is used. Prior to pumping into fermentation reactors the raw materials are homogenized to achieve the highest possible level of the biogas yield and to stabilize the technological process. The basic principle of the biogas production lies in a methane fermentation process resulting from the activity of anaerobic microbes without air access.

Urban and architectonic design of the biogas stations is exclusively purposeful and emphasizes the character of energetic equipment. To produce biogas the fermentation reactors are used in which the gas produced gathers over the biomass surface and subsequently it is pumped into the cogeneration units with use of a blower. The overall scope of the biogas station technology depends on the kind of processed materials and output of the station.

Thermal pressure hydrolysis Biogas station
Acceptance area Acceptance area
Sorting area Pre-treatment of the raw material
Disintegration Homogenization
Mixing Fermentation
Thermal pressure hydrolysis Biogas production
Shock-expansion Cogeneration
Homogenization Electric power generation

Technological complexes

Our company realizes supplies of ready-to-use technological complexes especially in the field of renewable sources of energy and utilization of waste animal tissue.

biogas station
thermal pressure hydrolysis
rendering plant
disintegration lines
sterilization lines
drying lines

Design work

We supply complex project designs including pilot studies, project documentation, and realization documentation.

For our clients we secure complex processing and approval of the designs by the administrative apparatus. We work out documentation for tenders, 3D visualisations. In addition, we secure data for studies on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), data for CR and EU grant application procedures, data for permission of Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) and we also offer cooperation in the procedures.

Made-to-order production

We offer designing and one piece production of special equipment intended for use in our projects as well as in any projects of yours as a subcontractor.
- extra large pressure vessels, vertical as well as horizontal
- special pressure vessels with mixing devices
- extra large containers
- steel structures

Our services are complex - from the basic design to installation.